Kyle Coghlan

Kyle Coghlan is a 2010 graduate of University of Wisconsin-La Crosse where he studied Business Management with an Information Technology emphasis. His real-world experience in sales, marketing and technology is a result from his work with Verizon Wireless TCC as a sales representative and manager of a retail store for five years. Thereafter his time at Verizon, he started his own digital marketing consulting business where he’s helped local business owners market their business/product/service online, showed them how to create digital marketing content and managed their advertising campaigns online.

While running his own business, he attained his FAA Part 107 commercial drone licence where he’s flown paid missions for aerial photography/videography. In addition, he’s built several websites/landing pages, received paid sponsorships from major brands for his influencer marketing campaigns, created artificial intelligent chatbot systems and produced various marketing plans for his clients.

Kyle is described by his peers as “approachable”, “friendly”, “knowledgeable”, and “not pushy”. He’s gives back to the community through volunteering at local non-profits Feed My Starving Children and Meals From The Heart. Between his experience in sales/management at Verizon and running his own digital marketing consulting company, Kyle’s unique mix of sales, tech, marketing, negotiation and community involvement makes him a well-rounded professional for Real Estate.

In his free time, Kyle enjoys running with his two dogs, Lily and Jayla. He’s also into biking around the cities exploring trails out to the countryside. He also loves to play music and see live shows in Minneapolis/St. Paul. He’s a passionate creator so you’ll find him taking pictures in the air or on ground while traveling across the world. To relax, Kyle is usually on Reddit browsing r/Futurology/, r/RealEstate or laughing at memes while having a local IPA. Lastly, Kyle is a fierce competitor when he’s on Xbox Live playing Star Wars Battlefront Two.

Kyle is grateful to have the opportunity with such a respected and successful Real Estate Broker, Cardinal Realty, to support his passion of helping people. His experience between all of the past jobs and business was ultimately to help people through his creative solutions.

Kyle strives to create the best experience possible for his clients by creatively thinking about a problem and coming up with a unique solution. He will do his best to provide you a great experience that comes with being a Cardinal Real Estate Agent.

You can find Kyle on Facebook at, Instagram:, Twitter: LinkedIn:,

Reach out to him via text/call 651-492-0524, Email or Facebook Messenger